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Holiday Reminder…

By David Lyman / December 15, 2021
woman looking at herself in the mirror

“If you only love your body when you love how it looks, that isn’t love, that’s objectification.” -Lexie and Lindsay Kite, phD Do you constantly judge and belittle your loved ones’ bodies? Of course not! So please, show YOURSELF the same respect! You are sooo much more than the way your body looks. Hyper-focusing on…

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Outdoor Training in November

By David Lyman / November 17, 2021
outdoor personal training in Seattle

Gotta love the versatility of mobile training!! When it’s rainy and cold, we can train virtually from indoors. And when we wake up to an unexpectedly GORGEOUS day, we can train outside and soak up the sun! Nervous to schedule outdoor personal training in November? Don’t be! We allow same-day cancellations when Seattle’s weather is…

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Look Who Dropped Into Yoga!

By David Lyman / October 28, 2021
chihuahua drops into free virtual yoga

Look who dropped into yoga! I love surprise visits from friends… human or otherwise! All are welcome. Drop in anytime. Free Beginners Yoga, Mondays at 10:00 am PST

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How to Use a Balance Trainer

By David Lyman / September 29, 2021
David demonstrates how to use a Bosu balance trainer

Which side is the “hard” side? How do you step ON/OFF? How do you go from 2 feet to 1? David explains in 60 seconds and does a pretty good chipmunk impression in the process! (Sound on.)

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Finding Balance

By David Lyman / July 29, 2021
Balancing on a recumbent bike in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Finding balance— on the bike, and in life. David and I got to visit the gorgeous Oregon coast last weekend, as those of you who trained with us virtually “on location” already know! It was wonderful!! We felt incredibly lucky to be working remotely in such a stunningly beautiful place! I’m extra grateful it worked…

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Lakeside Yoga

By David Lyman / July 19, 2021

Always love seeing this lady! (And not just because she chooses the BEST training spots!)

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NEW class: Cardio Circuit!

By David Lyman / June 11, 2021
Cardio Circuit with David

(click for video) Introducing Cardio Circuit with David! Saturdays 10 a.m. PST on Zoom. Sign up at Standing, seated, & mat options will be provided for each exercise. Accessibility for the win! #FitnessForAll #AdaptiveFitness #AdaptiveAthlete #Pilates #StrengthTraining #Cardio #Workout #ZoomFitness #cardioworkout #seatedworkout #standingworkout #matworkout #inclusivefitness #accessiblefitness #accessibilitymatters #progressivegym

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By David Lyman / March 30, 2021
If you managed an employee who continually cut corners & slacked off... Would you tolerate it? Then why would you tolerate it from YOURSELF?

Shoutout to my man @stydie for being a fabulous fitness model! He exemplifies hard work and dedication! #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #accountability #integrity #results #seattlegym #seattlepersonaltrainer #seattlepilates #seattleyoga #progressivegym

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Throwback Time!

By David Lyman / March 9, 2021
Muddy Obstacle Race 2019

(click for video) A throwback. I never did get the mud out of that outfit!! Training for that obstacle race was extra fun and rewarding, because we did it as a team! When all our sweat and hard work finally paid off, it was a party we celebrated together! If you have ambitions to complete…

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Subtle Pit Check

By David Lyman / February 24, 2021
Kelly in mermaid pose

Gotta love those multi-functional movements!

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