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Just Start

By David Lyman / October 18, 2022
Trainer tip: The best time to start was long ago. The second best time is now. Don't wait for perfect timing. Don't wait till you feel ready. Just start.

Today could be the day your life changes. Our fabulous Certified Personal Trainer Jessica is currently accepting new clients for in-home or virtual training!

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By David Lyman / August 24, 2022
Movement is medicine for the soul

Now accepting NEW in-home, personal training clients!

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Meet Jessica

By David Lyman / July 27, 2022
Meet Our Team of Seattle in-home personal trainers

Meet Jessica, our fabulous new trainer! Jessica is a Certified Personal Trainer just-in from New York City. She has experience with a broad range of personal training clients of all ages and ability levels. Originally interested in teaching, she’s found even more joy in teaching movement! She formerly trained her colleagues in the US Navy…

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Konrad’s Epic Trek

By David Lyman / May 15, 2022
What happens when you walk 500 miles through France
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Take Your Trainer to Work Day

By David Lyman / April 20, 2022
Take Your Trainer to Work Day

Happy Take-Your-TRAINER-to-Work Day! April 28th is #TYCTWD (Take-Your-Child-to-Work-Day,) which is awesome, but why should kids have all the fun? 🙃 Spice up your lunch break without having to leave the office through virtual personal training! Rev up your energy with Pilates! Or mellow out with Yoga! (Boss needs those TPS reports again? Deep breaths and…

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Daylight Savings

By David Lyman / March 19, 2022
Personal Trainer David training virtually outdoors

Permanent Daylight Savings Time? All the better to train you with, my dear! Whether the US stops changing its clocks in 2023 or not, we suspect Seattle will continue to celebrate the Ides of March as the beginning of the END of our “Big Dark” season! Personally, we’re cheering for the return of longer days,…

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Holiday Reminder…

By David Lyman / December 15, 2021
woman looking at herself in the mirror

“If you only love your body when you love how it looks, that isn’t love, that’s objectification.” -Lexie and Lindsay Kite, phD Do you constantly judge and belittle your loved ones’ bodies? Of course not! So please, show YOURSELF the same respect! You are sooo much more than the way your body looks. Hyper-focusing on…

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Outdoor Training in November

By David Lyman / November 17, 2021
outdoor personal training in Seattle

Gotta love the versatility of mobile training!! When it’s rainy and cold, we can train virtually from indoors. And when we wake up to an unexpectedly GORGEOUS day, we can train outside and soak up the sun! Nervous to schedule outdoor personal training in November? Don’t be! We allow same-day cancellations when Seattle’s weather is…

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Look Who Dropped Into Yoga!

By David Lyman / October 28, 2021
chihuahua drops into free virtual yoga

Look who dropped into yoga! I love surprise visits from friends… human or otherwise! All are welcome. Drop in anytime. Free Beginners Yoga, Mondays at 10:00 am PST

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How to Use a Balance Trainer

By David Lyman / September 29, 2021
David demonstrates how to use a Bosu balance trainer

Which side is the “hard” side? How do you step ON/OFF? How do you go from 2 feet to 1? David explains in 60 seconds and does a pretty good chipmunk impression in the process! (Sound on.)

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