Holiday Reminder…

“If you only love your body when you love how it looks, that isn’t love, that’s objectification.” -Lexie and Lindsay Kite, phD

Do you constantly judge and belittle your loved ones’ bodies? Of course not! So please, show YOURSELF the same respect!

You are sooo much more than the way your body looks. Hyper-focusing on your appearance—one tiny aspect of yourself— is demeaning and insulting to ALL that you are.

You are #MoreThanABody. (PS. This title is a must-read book for anyone with a body!)

Next time you look in the mirror, try to see yourself as you see others— for their entire being. Let your reflection remind you of your strength… Resilience… Laughs shared… Lessons learned… Battle scars earned… Wisdom gained… Memories made… and life experienced.

Because when it comes to really what matters, your appearance is actually the LEAST important thing about you.

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