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Tenzin & Battle Ropes

By David Lyman / May 15, 2019

Deltoids like woah. That’s Tenzin working the battle ropes as we prepare for BOOT CAMP IN 12 DAYS! Reminder: My FREE, drop-in, all-levels boot camp begins Memorial Day and runs for the next three Monday evenings, too! See Boot Camp 2019 for more details!

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Ravenna Run

By David Lyman / May 13, 2019
David runs through Ravenna Park.

14 DAYS TILL BOOT CAMP …So I went on a little trail run to get in the “park workout” spirit! Ravenna Park is such a glorious urban oasis! Perfect for when you need to escape the city without actually leaving it. Reminder: My FREE, drop-in, all-levels boot camp begins Memorial Day and runs for the…

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Boot Camp Returns!

By David Lyman / May 2, 2019
Boot Camp in the Park

Progressive Gym’s 4th annual boot camp in the park returns this Memorial Day and I AM SO STINKING EXCITED! View the event here!

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Spartan Race ’19

By David Lyman / April 14, 2019
Spartan Race 2019

8 miles, 30 obstacles, 4 grueling hours, 1 awesome team! WOW what a challenge the Spartan Super Race was yesterday!!! The rain poured, the wind chilled, and the mud sucked us in with every step. But through it all, we had each other’s backs. Literally– we had to hoist each other over walls and out…

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So it Begins….

By David Lyman / April 10, 2019
Kelly studying

That’s my wife, Kelly, studying to become a certified personal trainer. Soon we’ll truly be able to call fitness the family biz! So proud of her, and so pumped to have someone I can geek-out with!!! (Once we get started talking about this subject matter, we could go on for hours.) Awesome wife, awesome life!

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Cherry Blossom Workout

By David Lyman / April 1, 2019
David working out under a cherry tree in blossom.

(click for video) Seattle’s trees are really showing off this week! cherry blossoms + stretch & tone session = refreshed body + peaceful mind

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Msg from the Wife

By David Lyman / March 27, 2019
Kelly Lyman

Guess who has two thumbs and is becoming a personal trainer? THIS GAL! Ahhhhhhhh that still feels so weird to say. Because when I picture a personal trainer, my mental image doesn’t look anything like me. I’m not a perky, bubbly, Energizer Bunny. I’m not a natural-born athlete. I’m not even a competitive person! I…

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By David Lyman / March 21, 2019
David doing a side-plank off a swing-set seat.

When you forgot to pack your TRX, but you can improvise…

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Online Scheduling

By David Lyman / March 11, 2019
Online scheduling now available!

#NerdsWhoLift achievement unlocked: Online scheduling now available through our website or the Genbook app!

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The Countdown Begins

By David Lyman / March 4, 2019
Boot Camp in the Park

12 weeks till BOOT CAMP returns!!!! Get ready, Seattle, because boy do I have some surprises in store this year…..

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