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Seattle Freeze

By David Lyman / February 10, 2019

Hilariously, I met my new neighbor while filming this! (Yes, with a face-full of snow. He came outside as I was rolling in it…) Never stop moving! Never stop playing! The #SeattleFreeze is only what you make of it!

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Building Gym on a Cold Day

By David Lyman / February 6, 2019
David spots client lifting weights

Snow and freezing temps mean it’s the perfect day for a workout! …Indoors!! Does your apartment or condo have a gym? This could be you!

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Ocean Lunge

By David Lyman / January 30, 2019
David doing a lunge by the ocean.

Sun & healthy movement. Is there anything better?

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Why Personal Training?

By David Lyman / January 10, 2019
David training Chris (in child's pose)

“Do I really need a trainer? Can’t I just use this free app?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Plenty of people wonder whether personal training will be worth it. The fact is, while fitness videos and apps can be great supplements to your gym regimen, they are NOT substitutes for…

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Mat Work with Chris

By David Lyman / January 8, 2019
David training client

Don’t let those big, tatted muscles intimidate you… Chris is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet! Huge THANKS to him for letting me bring “the paparazzi” into the gym with us. I think the photos turned out amazing, even if he’s stealing the show in every pic!

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Let’s Talk About Balance

By David Lyman / December 28, 2018
David balancing on a log

How’s your balance doing? Here’s a quick check: Stand on a firm, flat surface. Raise one foot off the floor. CLOSE YOUR EYES. How long can you balance? Aim for 30-60 seconds. How did you do? If you found it challenging, then I’ve got some training moves for you! We can improve your balance until…

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10k a Day

By David Lyman / December 21, 2018
David jogging in the fall

Last month I experimented with walking/running an average of 10k per day. It felt wonderful to keep moving during my work breaks and on my commute! Although I wasn’t able to complete the full 6.2 miles every single day, (holidays being what they are,) I got pretty darn close, and I found that just STRIVING…

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Get Outside

By David Lyman / December 17, 2018
David meditating in the forest

There’s something magical about being outdoors. It’s so grounding. The smell of wet grass, the sound of rusting leaves, the touch of chilly wind… It always boosts my mood for days! Maybe it’s because our lives today are spent in front of glowing screens; in stuffy, enclosed spaces; with recirculated air; and little natural sunlight…

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Use It or Lose It

By David Lyman / December 14, 2018

Does your company reimburse you for fitness expenses? (Microsoft & Amazon employees, I’m looking at you…) Do you still have health credits to use before the end of the year? Then HURRY and schedule an in-home personal training session now! In just one session I can set you up with: – A body assessment that…

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Tacoma Waterfront

By David Lyman / December 11, 2018
Commencement Bay

Throwback to my brief Tacoma visit. (Is Commencement Bay not breathtaking??)  I was in town for an excellent YMCA seminar! I’m so grateful the Y supports my continuing education. As a trainer, I never want to stop learning, improving, or finding new ways to help my clients. P.S. Tacoma, your scooter rentals are

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