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Crane Post

By David Lyman / February 17, 2020
crane pose seattle yoga teacher

Working toward crane– the un-official state animal of Washington.

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Halfway Through Yoga

By David Lyman / January 22, 2020
Yoga on Capitol Hill Seattle

Keeping warm by the “fire” lol.. I’m halfway done w/Yoga Teacher Training!! How has it been 3 mo already?! Can’t wait to share all I’ve learned with my clients & community! I’ll be teaching a free, “Back-Care Yoga” series on Capitol Hill this spring– stay tuned!!!

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Star Wars Workout

By David Lyman / December 19, 2019
Star Wars quote

Here’s your Star Wars workout in honor of the premiere tomorrow.

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By David Lyman / December 10, 2019

[click for video] We broke trail, uphill, like this for 90 minutes till our hip flexors were DONE and then flew back down in 20. Glad we brought the foam roller!!

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Bungee Staff

By David Lyman / October 30, 2019
Bungee Staff

(Click for video.) Hockey slap, pipe hitter, axe chop. Warm that core up!

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TRX Kick

By David Lyman / October 21, 2019
David using the TRX suspension trainer

Thanks, @jordan.andrew.b, for snapping this cool photo during our beach workout! (What? Beaches are still delightful in the cold!) Such a fun and energizing lunch break running stairs, working out in different planes of motion, and catching up with a good friend– figuratively and (almost) literally! Seattle’s outdoor spaces make the BEST gyms! #MountBakerBeach #ColmanPark…

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Training Around Injuries

By David Lyman / October 8, 2019
Kelly on stand-up paddle-board

Got injuries? Try to see them as opportunities to explore new types of exercise! Kelly’s right hip flexor was a little tight this week, so we did a bunch of work to normalize it and the other muscle groups affected. But there was no need to sit-out this rare October sunshine while waiting for everything…

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Pilates Wheel

By David Lyman / October 6, 2019
David uses the Pilates Wheel

Pilates @ home? You bet your sculpted booty!! . Rent the Pilates wheel ⚙️ + a certified Pilates teacher (ahem) for 1 hour, and see how great it feels! . Did you know David has a BOATLOAD of training in Pilates? It’s true! He’s certified in beginner mat, advanced mat, beginner reformer, advanced reformer, and…

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Two Minute Tune-Up

By David Lyman / September 23, 2019
David doing stair exercises

Try this 2-min work break. *Bonus for doing it in slacks and a dress shirt, like I did when I was a CPA!

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Escalator Fun

By David Lyman / September 4, 2019
David on escalator

That de-escalated quickly… . . . . Music:

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