Daylight Savings

Seattle Personal Trainer David doing an outdoor workout. At-home and virtual workouts also available!

Permanent Daylight Savings Time? All the better to train you with, my dear!

Whether the US stops changing its clocks in 2023 or not, we suspect Seattle will continue to celebrate the Ides of March as the beginning of the END of our “Big Dark” season!

Personally, we’re cheering for the return of longer days, cherry blossoms, planting season, and of course, outdoor personal training!

Yes, we know… Some of you hardy PNW people never stopped training outdoors over the winter! We were there with you, every step of the way– in waterproof boots and shoe-chains!

We were also there for more indoorsy folks– virtually!

Virtual training is an option that’s *always* available in the event of inclement weather, early sunsets, running short on time, not wanting to commute, staying germ-free, or simply because it’s super convenient!

Just text us at least an hour before your session if you’d like to switch from in-person to virtual, or vice versa!

At Progressive Gym, we make squeezing in a workout easy. Because leg day won’t be.

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