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Change It Up

October 13th, 2017 | Categories: Advice

Small Group Training

Two workout misconceptions that I see all too often: hitting a plateau, and changing too frequently.

Hitting A Plateau

Training in the same way for more than 6 weeks will lead to a plateau in your progress. For example, I used to load up weight machines as high as possible and hit them hard for an hour, five days a week. After several months, WHY wasn’t I ripped? Not enough variety. My body had adapted to my routine and progress came to a halt.

Changing Too Frequently

Random training is likewise inefficient. If you just take any exercise classes you want, a clear plan in mind, your body will not have time to adjust. You won’t be getting the full benefits of all that hard work! Wouldn’t you prefer your workouts count as much as possible?

The Solution

Plan routines to meet your goals. Meeting with a trainer just once a month will allow them to assess your progress. Pick one focus for 4-6 weeks, get the maximum benefit, and then change up your routine! Work out smarter and see your hard work pay off!

Explosive Pulling Power!

September 13th, 2017 | Categories: Video, Weights

Cardio is everything and everything is cardio

August 27th, 2017 | Categories: Cardio

I cringe every time a client asks me, “Aren’t we going to do cardio?”  If you are covered in sweat after our session, and you are breathing hard, guess what…  you just did cardio. Equipment manufacturers have huge marketing campaigns, but you don’t need a treadmill, bike, or elliptical to do cardio. My heart-rate easily reaches 165 in heavy training sessions. That is cardio! Did you go for a walk, or climb any stairs today? Guess what? You did cardio! Good job!

The most efficient way to boost your metabolism and burn calories all day long is interval training. Intervals are as simple as exercising then resting, repeatedly. Choose your timing and stick with it. For example, 30 seconds work, 15-30 seconds rest, or (for beginners, 30 seconds work, 60 seconds rest). Any exercise that gets your heart-rate up will do the trick. Go for it!

You have literally done cardio every time you have ever exercised.