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Virtual Yoga is the New Happy Hour

By David Lyman / May 20, 2020
meetup with friends virtually

(click for video) You guys. I am LOVING this new social outlet!!! One of my coolest clients had the idea to stay socially connected in lockdown by meeting her friends virtually each week for a private yoga class together (provided by moi)! Is that not brilliant??! Meeting up for virtual yoga = the new happy…

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Triathlon Memories

By David Lyman / May 18, 2020
David at the Honolulu Triathlon

That time David beat me home from his own triathlon (bike vs car). He also emptied and reloaded the dishwasher before I arrived. (Thanks a lot buddy, way to REALLY make me feel like a slacker!) -Kelly Did you know we regularly prepare people for athletic events? (“Regularly,” as in right now! Yes– even during…

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COVID-19 Update

By David Lyman / May 4, 2020

Hey Team,   It is with sadness that we announce Boot Camp 2020 has been officially cancelled.   In light of COVID-19, the City of Seattle has deferred our activity permit until certain social distancing restrictions have been lifted.   While we are disappointed, we take solace in knowing these measures will save lives and…

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Graduation Day

By David Lyman / April 19, 2020
David in Yoga Studio

(click for video) It’s graduation day for us yogis!! Congrats, Class of 2020 @8LimbsYoga #YogaTeacherTraining — WE DID IT!!! Thank you, thank you, *thank you* to my wise, inspiring teachers! I’m so grateful for your guidance and support during these last 6 months! You made this journey more than just an educational experience for me,…

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Yoga From Home

By David Lyman / April 2, 2020
Personal trainer David does yoga teacher training from home in Seattle

(click for video) Never would’ve guessed my last month of Yoga Teacher Training would be VIRTUAL! I’m grateful the transition to online training has been smooth. Honestly, the hardest part has been focusing my mind! During quarantine, my thoughts drift to friends working in healthcare, struggling without childcare, or wondering how they’ll afford rent this…

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COVID-19 Giveaway

By David Lyman / March 21, 2020
virtual personal training

Your favorite trainers are still available for workouts– virtually! Yes, WA gyms are closed by order of the governor, but there’s nothing prohibiting us from meeting up through the magic of technology! Stuck at home? Grab your partner, spouse, kids, or roommates for a live workout with your very own personal trainer. Maintain your health…

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Look Who’s Training Now

By David Lyman / March 3, 2020
Kelly holds her official NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise certificates

Is this real life? 0_0 I’m official!!! [view bio]

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Crane Post

By David Lyman / February 17, 2020
crane pose seattle yoga teacher

Working toward crane– the un-official state animal of Washington.

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Halfway Through Yoga

By David Lyman / January 22, 2020
Yoga on Capitol Hill Seattle

Keeping warm by the “fire” lol.. I’m halfway done w/Yoga Teacher Training!! How has it been 3 mo already?! Can’t wait to share all I’ve learned with my clients & community! I’ll be teaching a free, “Back-Care Yoga” series on Capitol Hill this spring– stay tuned!!!

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Star Wars Workout

By David Lyman / December 19, 2019
Star Wars quote

Here’s your Star Wars workout in honor of the premiere tomorrow.

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