COVID-19 Giveaway

Virtual personal training through FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom.
Free session for quarantine MVPs. (See list below.)
Thanks for keeping WA running! We appreciate you!

Your favorite trainers are still available for workouts– virtually!

Yes, WA gyms are closed by order of the governor, but there’s nothing prohibiting us from meeting up through the magic of technology!

Stuck at home? Grab your partner, spouse, kids, or roommates for a live workout with your very own personal trainer.

Maintain your health & sanity during quarantine and come out the other side stronger!

To all our quarantine MVPs: Thank you for your service to Washington! We’d love to show our appreciation by offering you a FREE virtual corrective exercise assessment with Kelly if you book now through April 1st, 2020.

Offer applies to:

  • bus, truck, mail, and delivery drivers
  • cooks, servers, and restaurant employees
  • custodians and cleaners
  • doctors, nurses, and hospital staff
  • custodians, cleaners, and janitors
  • doctors, nurses, and hospital staff
  • first responders and EMTs
  • food back and shelter workers
  • grocery store employees
  • other healthcare providers
  • pharmacy employees
  • school employees working remotely


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