Graduation Day

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It’s graduation day for us yogis!! Congrats, Class of 2020 @8LimbsYoga #YogaTeacherTraining — WE DID IT!!!

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* to my wise, inspiring teachers! I’m so grateful for your guidance and support during these last 6 months! You made this journey more than just an educational experience for me, but a huge leap forward in personal growth as well. I’ll never forget it!

Thanks to all my wonderful classmates, too! I’ve loved getting to know you, learning from your insights, and growing together! I know this is only the beginning of our kinship, because #YogaFriends are friends for life! I also can’t wait until social distancing restrictions for COVID-19 are lifted, so we can celebrate properly in-person!

Only one question remains…… what to do with all my free weekends now?

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