Yoga From Home

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Never would’ve guessed my last month of Yoga Teacher Training would be VIRTUAL!

I’m grateful the transition to online training has been smooth. Honestly, the hardest part has been focusing my mind! During quarantine, my thoughts drift to friends working in healthcare, struggling without childcare, or wondering how they’ll afford rent this month. I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling to maintain awareness of the present moment during my Yoga practice!

As hard as it is right now, I know I need mindfulness now more than ever. Luckily, the cherry trees outside my window help with the Zen vibes. Especially when passersby stop and smell the blossoms — or even photograph them! It reminds me to return to the here-and-now. There is a time for all things, and Yoga is my time to reset.

We are better equipped to help others once we’ve recharged ourselves. I hope that whatever you’re going through, you have the opportunity to take a moment for yourself each day to do what fuels you.

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