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How to Use a Balance Trainer

By David Lyman / September 29, 2021
David demonstrates how to use a Bosu balance trainer

Which side is the “hard” side? How do you step ON/OFF? How do you go from 2 feet to 1? David explains in 60 seconds and does a pretty good chipmunk impression in the process! (Sound on.)

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By David Lyman / March 30, 2021
If you managed an employee who continually cut corners & slacked off... Would you tolerate it? Then why would you tolerate it from YOURSELF?

Shoutout to my man @stydie for being a fabulous fitness model! He exemplifies hard work and dedication! #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #accountability #integrity #results #seattlegym #seattlepersonaltrainer #seattlepilates #seattleyoga #progressivegym

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Gratitude in 2020

By David Lyman / November 24, 2020
2020 is not the year to get all you want, but to be thankful for all you have.

We are so grateful for YOU, our fitness family! Let’s be real. 2020 has been a challenging year! We were all thrown some serious curveballs… but you have blown us away with your ability to adapt. When indoor gyms closed, you pivoted to outdoor & virtual training. When the economy was hit, you took advantage of our…

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Homemade Sprouts

By David Lyman / November 1, 2020
Kelly eating homemade sprouts

We grew & taste-tested 3 kinds of sprouts! 1- lentils, 2- broccoli seeds, and 3- mung beans. Curious how they turned out? Here’s our review! 1. SPROUTED LENTILS Taste: Sweet, peppery. Texture: Crispy, crunchy. Nutrition: High protein, high folate. Final opinion: Our favorite sprout! These were slightly sweet and oh-so-crunchy! They were tasty on everything…

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Training Around Injuries

By David Lyman / October 8, 2019
Kelly on stand-up paddle-board

Got injuries? Try to see them as opportunities to explore new types of exercise! Kelly’s right hip flexor was a little tight this week, so we did a bunch of work to normalize it and the other muscle groups affected. But there was no need to sit-out this rare October sunshine while waiting for everything…

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September News

By David Lyman / September 1, 2019

Wake me up when Sept ends… BECAUSE I’M SO STINKING EXCITED FOR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN OCTOBER!!!!! Honestly, I’m still pinching myself. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to have been accepted into 8 Limbs’ yoga teacher training program, where I’ll study under respected experts, deepen my practice, and learn to help others on their…

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Spartan Race ’19

By David Lyman / April 14, 2019
Spartan Race 2019

8 miles, 30 obstacles, 4 grueling hours, 1 awesome team! WOW what a challenge the Spartan Super Race was yesterday!!! The rain poured, the wind chilled, and the mud sucked us in with every step. But through it all, we had each other’s backs. Literally– we had to hoist each other over walls and out…

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So it Begins….

By David Lyman / April 10, 2019
Kelly studying

That’s my wife, Kelly, studying to become a certified personal trainer. Soon we’ll truly be able to call fitness the family biz! So proud of her, and so pumped to have someone I can geek-out with!!! (Once we get started talking about this subject matter, we could go on for hours.) Awesome wife, awesome life!

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Msg from the Wife

By David Lyman / March 27, 2019
Kelly Lyman

Guess who has two thumbs and is becoming a personal trainer? THIS GAL! Ahhhhhhhh that still feels so weird to say. Because when I picture a personal trainer, my mental image doesn’t look anything like me. I’m not a perky, bubbly, Energizer Bunny. I’m not a natural-born athlete. I’m not even a competitive person! I…

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Why Personal Training?

By David Lyman / January 10, 2019
David training Chris (in child's pose)

“Do I really need a trainer? Can’t I just use this free app?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Plenty of people wonder whether personal training will be worth it. The fact is, while fitness videos and apps can be great supplements to your gym regimen, they are NOT substitutes for…

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