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Fight the Blahs

By David Lyman / October 11, 2018
Fight the Blahs

I know it’s tough to stay active when the weather turns cold and dark, but don’t forget: Exercise recharges your energy like nothing else! It also boosts your mood and improves your sleep quality!

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Netflix and Foam Roll

By David Lyman / September 25, 2018
Hey Girl, you up for a little Netflix and foam roll?

Who says binge watching your favorite show has to be a GUILTY pleasure? Grab your foam roller and turn it into a healthy routine! 

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By David Lyman / September 6, 2018
Willpower is a myth

On a weight loss journey? Well let me fill you in on a little secret: Willpower is a myth! …Or at least, the idea that we should be able to fight our bodies’ natural hunger signals because of some “deep resolve within ourselves” is very flawed. 

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Fit Feels Good!

By David Lyman / July 6, 2018
if people could test-drive a fit body for five minutes, they would be motivated to get fit tomorrow

Moving a healthy body is like driving a luxury car— it just FEELS good! Ready to upgrade your body? A personal trainer can help you tackle those aching joints, that crick in your neck, the panting and sweating as you climb stairs, or your body’s unique issues!* Life is short; why not enjoy a comfy…

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Combat the iHunch

By David Lyman / June 19, 2018
combat the phone hunch

Did you know prolonged “phone reading posture” can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, a hunched silhouette, ill-fitting clothes, and even unexplained headaches? 

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Shoulder Savers

By David Lyman / June 14, 2018
exercises to prevent shoulder injuries

Lifting heavy? Then you BETTER be protecting those shoulders!

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Mini Moments That Add Up

By David Lyman / April 5, 2018
Teach a man to squat...

Sorry, weekend warriors, but to lead a truly healthy life, you have to integrate fitness into your routine EVERY SINGLE DAY. No amount of working out on Saturday and Sunday can make up for a sedentary lifestyle, with poor posture and ergonomics, lived Monday through Friday.  That’s the bad news. The good news is: Integrating…

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The Dreaded Plateau

By David Lyman / October 13, 2017
help for fitness plateaus

Two workout errors I see all too often: 1) hitting a plateau and 2) its opposite, changing too frequently. Training the same way for over 6 weeks will lead to a plateau in your progress. For example, one of my clients came to me frustrated. She used to load up her weight machines as high…

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