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Happy Halloween 2018

By David Lyman / October 26, 2018

Snow monsters gotta keep fit, too!

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No Excuses

By David Lyman / October 25, 2018

Love my hardworking team!!! Special shout-out to the seniors (some 75+) that have me busting my butt just to keep up with them! They’re living proof that life can just keep getting BETTER & HEALTHIER as you age! #fitspiration 

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Fight the Blahs

By David Lyman / October 11, 2018
Fight the Blahs

I know it’s tough to stay active when the weather turns cold and dark, but don’t forget: Exercise recharges your energy like nothing else! It also boosts your mood and improves your sleep quality!

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Macarena Plank

By David Lyman / October 2, 2018
Macarena Plank

BAHAHAAA! Y’all, I was sure I invented this ridiculous workout move, but it turns out the internet loves combining fitness & cheesy music as much as I do! Oh well, here’s MY take on this (apparently) classic plank variation! Side note: If I haven’t yet subjected you to my Cheesetastic One-Hit Wonders playlist yet, consider…

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Netflix and Foam Roll

By David Lyman / September 25, 2018
Hey Girl, you up for a little Netflix and foam roll?

Who says binge watching your favorite show has to be a GUILTY pleasure? Grab your foam roller and turn it into a healthy routine! 

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Six Push-Up Variations

By David Lyman / September 18, 2018
Six Push-up Variations

Work your chest, triceps, and core with these six push-up variations! 

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Treadmill Workout

By David Lyman / September 11, 2018
Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

Personally I LOVE running outside on cold, rainy days! It makes my body feel so alive! But I know that’s not everyone’s jam! (My wife wouldn’t be caught dead!) So here’s a workout for all my fabulous indoor runners! Props for finding what’s right for YOU and sticking with it!

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By David Lyman / September 6, 2018
Willpower is a myth

On a weight loss journey? Well let me fill you in on a little secret: Willpower is a myth! …Or at least, the idea that we should be able to fight our bodies’ natural hunger signals because of some “deep resolve within ourselves” is very flawed. 

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Seattle Smoke-mageddon

By David Lyman / August 27, 2018
Zombie Survival Workout

Air quality got you down, Seattle? Check out my workout for surviving the smoke and impending zombie apocalypse! 

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Brandon Interview

By David Lyman / July 24, 2018
Interview with Brandon

“It’s taught me that I can rise to the challenge.” -Brandon McKay, Gay Games athlete, Seattle Orcas swimmer, Progressive Gym client, and all-around amazing guy! Watch his 2 min interview and get inspired! 

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