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Get Outside

By David Lyman / December 17, 2018
David meditating in the forest

There’s something magical about being outdoors. It’s so grounding. The smell of wet grass, the sound of rusting leaves, the touch of chilly wind… It always boosts my mood for days! Maybe it’s because our lives today are spent in front of glowing screens; in stuffy, enclosed spaces; with recirculated air; and little natural sunlight…

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Use It or Lose It

By David Lyman / December 14, 2018

Does your company reimburse you for fitness expenses? (Microsoft & Amazon employees, I’m looking at you…) Do you still have health credits to use before the end of the year? Then HURRY and schedule an in-home personal training session now! In just one session I can set you up with: – A body assessment that…

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Tacoma Waterfront

By David Lyman / December 11, 2018
Commencement Bay

Throwback to my brief Tacoma visit. (Is Commencement Bay not breathtaking??)  I was in town for an excellent YMCA seminar! I’m so grateful the Y supports my continuing education. As a trainer, I never want to stop learning, improving, or finding new ways to help my clients. P.S. Tacoma, your scooter rentals are

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Finding Joy in Movement

By David Lyman / December 10, 2018
David climbing a tree.

That tree was made for climbing. I couldn’t just pass it by!!! Joyful movement is rejuvenating! For some people, that means climbing trees. Dancing. Swimming. Feeling the wind on their face as they bike. Finding an inner calm as they hike. Or fully immersing themselves in an engaging sport. When you were a kid, what…

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Give the Gift of Good Health!

By David Lyman / December 5, 2018
The perfect gift for parents, seniors, youth, and couples!

In-home personal training makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list! That’s why we’re offering gift certificates now through the end of the year for a deeply discounted price! (Don’t forget to treat yourself, too!) Happy holidays, everyone!

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Pupper Therapy

By David Lyman / November 19, 2018

Beautiful day for a workout with man’s best friend! (How lucky am I?) I got to throw the ball for this sweet doggo, Annabelle, while her human, Scott, kicked butt on the TRX! Scott impresses me every week with his steady gains and determination. This tough guy — with a heart of gold — trains…

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Feeling Super

By David Lyman / November 13, 2018
TFW you beat your 1 rep max

^ One of my favorite clients, Zac, doing some suspension training in his basement.   Like Superman, Zac doesn’t have to fight traffic to get to the gym, because mobile training brings the gym to YOU! (Ha ha ha.) But there’s also another reason he deserves to wear Superman’s cape: his inspiring backstory.   When…

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Event Training

By David Lyman / November 9, 2018
Now training for triathlons, mud runs, obstacle courses, epic hikes, your event

Preparing for an event? I got your back! While I usually train folks for athletic events, I’ve also prepped them for many other life milestones. (The most important so far? Donating a kidney!!!) What’s on your bucket list? Let’s check it off together!

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Healthy Swaps

By David Lyman / November 3, 2018
breakfast swaps

Let’s talk about breakfast! Lately I’ve been seeing waaaaay too many desserts masquerading as breakfast foods. – Yogurt (AKA ice cream) – Cereal (AKA bowl of cookies) – Smoothies (AKA milkshakes) – Granola bars (AKA candy bars) Pssst… If a muffin has 35g of sugar, that’s called a cupcake!! 

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Hidden Parks

By David Lyman / November 2, 2018
Hidden Parks

Who recognizes this hidden park??? Did you know Seattle has over 400 parks? And I’ve become their unofficial tour guide! I love showing them to clients who work in Seattle and train on their lunch break! Could YOUR workday use a little nature + movement pick-me-up? Ask me about places we can train near YOU!

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