Six Push-Up Variations

Work your chest, triceps, and core with these six push-up variations! 


1. The 80/20

Ever wondered how to do a one-handed push-up? This move prepares you for that! Instead of letting both hands take 50% of the effort (as in traditional push-ups), let one hand take 80% of the work, while the other hand helps with a light boost! Then switch hands.


2. Spider-Man

This move always turns heads! It also opens hips, engages obliques, and challenges your core to stabilize your body on one leg!


3. In Out

Build those neural connections! This move is about connecting MIND and BODY for added gains! It forces your brain to focus on an alternating, in-and-out movement, while working fast-twitch muscles to improve your explosive power!


4. Decline

Elevating your feet increases the difficulty of push-ups, saving you time when you just want to get in, work hard, and get out! It also works your upper chest for more well-rounded definition!


5. Push-up Plus

This shoulder stabilization move is best performed with light weight (think: against a wall or on your knees) at the start of your workout to prepare you for pushing and pulling moves to come. Activate your serratus anterior for safer movements and better posture!


6. Triceps

Simply changing the placement of your hands can work completely different muscles! For a triceps focus, keep your arms close to your sides, and your hands shoulder-distance apart.


Remember: These moves should be performed as part of a complete workout! Make sure to BALANCE your pushing with some pulling, too! Want to learn how? Contact me today!

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