Netflix and Foam Roll

Hey girl... You up for a little Netflix and foam roll?

Who says binge watching your favorite show has to be a GUILTY pleasure? Grab your foam roller and turn it into a healthy routine! 

For $10 apiece, foam rollers have got to be THE most underrated tools in the gym.

Used correctly, they can improve your range of motion and alleviate muscle soreness. But– and this is big but– they have to be used properly!

Foam rolling in the wrong places, for the wrong duration, using the wrong intensity, won’t have the same benefits, and can actually aggravate your nerves! Not what we’re going for!

I’ve taught foam rolling for years, both in classes and one-on-one. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it! But first you have to understand its basic principles and how to design a custom routine for the needs of YOUR unique body.

Myself, I like to combine foam rolling with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization… and a good hour or two of ABC’s “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”! (#NotAshamed.)

It’s all about building healthy habits into your existing lifestyle.

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