No Excuses

Love my hardworking team!!! Special shout-out to the seniors (some 75+) that have me busting my butt just to keep up with them! They’re living proof that life can just keep getting BETTER & HEALTHIER as you age! #fitspiration 


To anyone who just said to themselves, “Wow, I wish that was me,” well… What’s stopping you? NO EXCUSES.


– Most of my clients didn’t grow up as athletes. Some were sedentary until much later in life.

– Many decided to commit to fitness after a life-changing diagnosis (e.g., diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, or motor difficulties post-stroke.)

– Almost all have some recurring injury they work around. They’ve learned their bodies’ unique needs and how to push their limits safely.

– And, at some point in their lives, they had to get through the awkward, starting-up stage. Feeling self-conscious in their first class or session. Not sure if they had what it takes.


Well guess what? They DID have what it takes. And YOU do too! The only difference between people living their best lives and people WISHING they were… is the confidence to try.


Know that you can do it. Whatever challenges you’re up against, you CAN improve your health and maximize your fitness as you age. And I would love to help you. There’s nothing more inspiring to me! I’m certified and extremely experienced in corrective exercise, if injuries are a concern for you.


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