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By David Lyman / August 6, 2019

I love summertime! This week I got to enjoy a bunch of healthy summer activities– bouldering, paddleboard yoga, and steel mace yoga! Just another example of how staying active pays off. When you’re rocking good core engagement and cardiovascular fitness, you’re ready to jump into new challenges at a moment’s notice. Want some help preparing…

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Boot Camp 6/10/2019

By David Lyman / June 15, 2019

Sweating ourselves happy in the sunshine to feel-good music = BEST MOOD-BOOSTER EVER! Don’t miss our LAST free boot camp of the season this Mon 6p @ Cal Anderson Park. We’d love to see you there, even if you’ve never done boot camp before! Get the details here!

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Boot Camp 6/3/2019

By David Lyman / June 9, 2019
Boot Camp in the Park

Join us Mon 6p for your free park workout! See details here!

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By David Lyman / May 23, 2019
David doing one-handed push-ups with his determined face on.

Concentration. Determination. Grit. While you’ll normally see me smiling in class, there comes a time when all of us must give more than we knew we had. On the last few reps of a strength exercise… for the final moments of an endurance exercise… that’s when we have to dig DEEP and make those seconds…

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Tenzin & Battle Ropes

By David Lyman / May 15, 2019

Deltoids like woah. That’s Tenzin working the battle ropes as we prepare for BOOT CAMP IN 12 DAYS! Reminder: My FREE, drop-in, all-levels boot camp begins Memorial Day and runs for the next three Monday evenings, too! See Boot Camp 2019 for more details!

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Boot Camp Returns!

By David Lyman / May 2, 2019
Boot Camp in the Park

Progressive Gym’s 4th annual boot camp in the park returns this Memorial Day and I AM SO STINKING EXCITED! View the event here!

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Spartan Race ’19

By David Lyman / April 14, 2019
Spartan Race 2019

8 miles, 30 obstacles, 4 grueling hours, 1 awesome team! WOW what a challenge the Spartan Super Race was yesterday!!! The rain poured, the wind chilled, and the mud sucked us in with every step. But through it all, we had each other’s backs. Literally– we had to hoist each other over walls and out…

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By David Lyman / March 21, 2019
David doing a side-plank off a swing-set seat.

When you forgot to pack your TRX, but you can improvise…

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Suspension Training

By David Lyman / February 12, 2019
David does TRX suspension training

Do you struggle with hand strength when opening jars, holding heavy pans, or tearing down boxes? Have you tried TRX suspension training yet? It’s hands-down my FAVORITE go-anywhere, do-anything workout tool. I especially love it for group workouts, because you can adjust the difficulty simply by changing angles! That means friends and family can work…

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Mat Work with Chris

By David Lyman / January 8, 2019
David training client

Don’t let those big, tatted muscles intimidate you… Chris is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet! Huge THANKS to him for letting me bring “the paparazzi” into the gym with us. I think the photos turned out amazing, even if he’s stealing the show in every pic!

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