The Dreaded Plateau

help for fitness plateaus

Two workout errors I see all too often: 1) hitting a plateau and 2) its opposite, changing too frequently.

Training the same way for over 6 weeks will lead to a plateau in your progress. For example, one of my clients came to me frustrated. She used to load up her weight machines as high as possible and hit them hard for an hour, five days a week. After several months, WHY wasn’t she ripped? Not enough variety. Her body had adapted to the routine and her progress came to a halt.

Random training is likewise inefficient. If you just take any exercise class you want, without knowing how it will affect your goals, your results will be scattered and won’t amount to much. You won’t be getting the full benefit of all that hard work! Wouldn’t you prefer your workouts to count as much as possible?

The solution is periodization. Professional trainers know exactly how to adapt your routine regularly to get results.  Meeting with your trainer once a month can get you set up for the weeks to come. They will help you pick one focus for 4-6 weeks, make sure you get the maximum benefit, and only then change up your routine! Work out smarter and see your hard work pay off! Let’s get started!

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