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No Excuses

By David Lyman / October 25, 2018

Love my hardworking team!!! Special shout-out to the seniors (some 75+) that have me busting my butt just to keep up with them! They’re living proof that life can just keep getting BETTER & HEALTHIER as you age! #fitspiration 

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Six Push-Up Variations

By David Lyman / September 18, 2018
Six Push-up Variations

Work your chest, triceps, and core with these six push-up variations! 

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Shoulder Savers

By David Lyman / June 14, 2018
exercises to prevent shoulder injuries

Lifting heavy? Then you BETTER be protecting those shoulders!

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Explosive Power

By David Lyman / September 13, 2017
Explosive Pulling Power preview

Gotta love the explosive power phase of training! 

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