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Meet Jessica

By David Lyman / July 27, 2022
Meet Our Team of Seattle in-home personal trainers

Meet Jessica, our fabulous new trainer! Jessica is a Certified Personal Trainer just-in from New York City. She has experience with a broad range of personal training clients of all ages and ability levels. Originally interested in teaching, she’s found even more joy in teaching movement! She formerly trained her colleagues in the US Navy…

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Holiday Reminder…

By David Lyman / December 15, 2021
woman looking at herself in the mirror

“If you only love your body when you love how it looks, that isn’t love, that’s objectification.” -Lexie and Lindsay Kite, phD Do you constantly judge and belittle your loved ones’ bodies? Of course not! So please, show YOURSELF the same respect! You are sooo much more than the way your body looks. Hyper-focusing on…

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By David Lyman / March 30, 2021
If you managed an employee who continually cut corners & slacked off... Would you tolerate it? Then why would you tolerate it from YOURSELF?

Shoutout to my man @stydie for being a fabulous fitness model! He exemplifies hard work and dedication! #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #accountability #integrity #results #seattlegym #seattlepersonaltrainer #seattlepilates #seattleyoga #progressivegym

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Homemade Sprouts

By David Lyman / November 1, 2020
Kelly eating homemade sprouts

We grew & taste-tested 3 kinds of sprouts! 1- lentils, 2- broccoli seeds, and 3- mung beans. Curious how they turned out? Here’s our review! 1. SPROUTED LENTILS Taste: Sweet, peppery. Texture: Crispy, crunchy. Nutrition: High protein, high folate. Final opinion: Our favorite sprout! These were slightly sweet and oh-so-crunchy! They were tasty on everything…

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Germ-Free (almost) Workouts

By David Lyman / August 17, 2020
Kelly trains a group virtually

Avoid germs at the gym. Train outdoors– or virtually! Hygiene Scale for Workouts (1=riskiest, 11=safest) Large group exercise class, indoors, no masks — DON’T DO IT, PEOPLE! Large group exercise class, indoors, with masks Open gym floor, indoors, no masks Open gym floor, indoors, with masks Large group exercise class, outdoors, no masks Large group…

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Healthy Swaps

By David Lyman / November 3, 2018
breakfast swaps

Let’s talk about breakfast! Lately I’ve been seeing waaaaay too many desserts masquerading as breakfast foods. – Yogurt (AKA ice cream) – Cereal (AKA bowl of cookies) – Smoothies (AKA milkshakes) – Granola bars (AKA candy bars) Pssst… If a muffin has 35g of sugar, that’s called a cupcake!! 

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By David Lyman / September 6, 2018
Willpower is a myth

On a weight loss journey? Well let me fill you in on a little secret: Willpower is a myth! …Or at least, the idea that we should be able to fight our bodies’ natural hunger signals because of some “deep resolve within ourselves” is very flawed. 

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