Let’s Talk About Balance

David balancing on a log

How’s your balance doing? Here’s a quick check: Stand on a firm, flat surface. Raise one foot off the floor. CLOSE YOUR EYES. How long can you balance? Aim for 30-60 seconds.

How did you do? If you found it challenging, then I’ve got some training moves for you! We can improve your balance until you’re stable as a table!

Why? Because good balance prevents injury. And I don’t just mean falling injuries.

Here’s an example: My wife and I were on a walk when she began complaining of knee pain. She felt like her knee wasn’t “tracking right”. I asked her to stop and do some balance exercises. It engaged her stabilizer muscles. And just like that, her knee pain stopped. Had she simply continued walking, she might have had a repetitive motion injury on her hands. Thanks to balance work, her body stayed in alignment and her joints remained healthy. (Obviously your results may vary. See your doctor first for any pain.)

Balance is simply training the body how to move safely. It should be a PRIORITY for anyone who exercises, and especially for those who don’t get as much exercise as they’d like.

Trainers know it. (I wouldn’t dream of lifting heavy without good balance!)

Physical therapists know it. (Balance underpins every movement!)

Professional athletes know it. (Even the Seattle Seahawks do yoga!)

So when you’re ready to upgrade your balance game, give me a call. Your body will thank you!

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