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Look Who’s Training Now

By David Lyman / March 3, 2020
Kelly holds her official NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise certificates

Is this real life? 0_0 I’m official!!! [view bio]

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Speed Ladder ’19

By David Lyman / July 7, 2019
speed ladder at boot camp 2019

Inspired by the incredible #USWNT champions to work on my speed, agility, and quickness this week! (Time to bust out that speed ladder!) CONGRATS, US WOMEN’S TEAM!!!

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Boot Camp 6/17/2019

By David Lyman / June 22, 2019
Boot Camp Warriors

Shout-out to these warriors for attending EVERY, SINGLE, CLASS of boot camp this year! (For Marissa, that makes it a two-year streak!) Now that’s dedication!!! Thanks, Marlena and Marissa, for always bringing your smiling faces, excellent work ethic, and positive attitudes to class! You both are too awesome, and it just wouldn’t be boot camp…

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Boot Camp 6/10/2019

By David Lyman / June 15, 2019

Sweating ourselves happy in the sunshine to feel-good music = BEST MOOD-BOOSTER EVER! Don’t miss our LAST free boot camp of the season this Mon 6p @ Cal Anderson Park. We’d love to see you there, even if you’ve never done boot camp before! Get the details here!

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Boot Camp 6/3/2019

By David Lyman / June 9, 2019
Boot Camp in the Park

Join us Mon 6p for your free park workout! See details here!

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Boot Camp 5/27/19

By David Lyman / May 30, 2019
Boot Camp 2019

Thanks everyone for BRINGING IT at boot camp last week! You all blew me away with your effort!!! Some of you said this was your first “real” exercise class, and WOW– What an honor it was to be part of that monumental step!!! It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from; only where you’re going. What…

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FAQ: Boot Camp ’19

By David Lyman / May 26, 2019
Boot Camp 2018 crew

Q: Is it like waaaaay hard? A: It’s exactly as difficult as you want to make it! Everyone goes at their own pace. Many people modify or skip some moves. That is more than okay– it’s encouraged! What’s most important is listening to your body and honoring what it needs that day. Q: Can I…

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Tenzin & Battle Ropes

By David Lyman / May 15, 2019

Deltoids like woah. That’s Tenzin working the battle ropes as we prepare for BOOT CAMP IN 12 DAYS! Reminder: My FREE, drop-in, all-levels boot camp begins Memorial Day and runs for the next three Monday evenings, too! See Boot Camp 2019 for more details!

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Msg from the Wife

By David Lyman / March 27, 2019
Kelly Lyman

Guess who has two thumbs and is becoming a personal trainer? THIS GAL! Ahhhhhhhh that still feels so weird to say. Because when I picture a personal trainer, my mental image doesn’t look anything like me. I’m not a perky, bubbly, Energizer Bunny. I’m not a natural-born athlete. I’m not even a competitive person! I…

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Building Gym on a Cold Day

By David Lyman / February 6, 2019
David spots client lifting weights

Snow and freezing temps mean it’s the perfect day for a workout! …Indoors!! Does your apartment or condo have a gym? This could be you!

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