David Lyman

Areas of Focus: Pilates, Core, Corrective Exercise, HIIT, TRX

David Lyman


David believes fitness should be fun! David loves helping people restore functional stability after injury. He has five years of experience introducing people like you to the world of fitness, starting at the Island Club and Spa in Honolulu. David has been a Fitness Director at LAB5 Fitness, overseeing twelve trainers, and he is the main fitness writer for the Ignifit app on the iPhone and iPad. David currently also teaches Pilates, Circuit Training, and HIIT classes in Seattle!

David loves researching difficult issues for clients, and he relentlessly keeps up with new scientific evidence as it emerges. After successfully recovering from ankle, knee, and shoulder injuries, David developed a lifelong commitment to proper movement patterns and an obsession for studying fitness. David is our primary trainer, and he will oversee all other certified personal trainers.

David enjoys 100+ mile bicycle rides and has completed the STP, RSVP, and two international bicycle tours. He ran a marathon and two triathlons. He enjoys muscle building, as well as weight loss (he is 30 pounds below his high weight). David recently spent a year in Hawaii, studying advanced fitness techniques. David has performed as a dancer and a singer. When not at the gym, you can find him training in local parks, playing football, or meditating in the great outdoors.


Fun, safe and effective- the 3 words I would use to describe my work outs with David.  I’ve seen significant improvement within just 6 sessions in my core strength and flexibility, as well as definition in my arms, glutes and thighs which were the target areas I stated during my intake session.

I’m recovering from injuries I sustained in 2 car accidents last year that get aggravated by my sedentary work.  Thankfully David knows just the right balance of stretches, foam rolling positions, weights, reps and strength training techniques to help me recover and still push myself for a great workout.  I love the attitude and expert guidance he brings to our play times in my gym (did I mention he comes to me?…How convenient!).

Kristin R., Seattle, WA

David Lyman is a fantastic Personal Trainer!  One on one, I’m never had such a positive experience.  We all know that working out isn’t always easy, but with David your in good hands.  He’s always happy!  Also he is very attentive and knowledgable.  I highly recommend him for anyone that is looking for a personal trainer or bootcamp coach.

Michael H., Seattle, WA

Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed our 8 training sessions together. You are very creative in your approach to teaching and I learned so much to help me now improve on my own. I especially appreciated your emphasis on core training and not just ‘moving the machines’ to work out. AND the warm up exercises are so important and beneficial. I would certainly recommend you and your methods.

Sue Young, Honolulu, HI


Pilates Academy International

National Academy of Sports Medicine

** Certified PiYo instructor
** Registered TRX instructor